The original. I really believe I started the whole wedding movie poster trend. A bride came to me with the idea about 10 years ago or so and wanted a poster that looked like they were in the movie. We played with the idea and came up with an awesome poster. I've done many posters over the years and I love when clients come to me with a new idea for a poster. Why a movie poster? They're great to display at your rehearsal dinner and reception. After the wedding hang it on the wall till you get tired of looking at it. (You will, trust me). :) Then take it down, roll it up and put it away. Break it out for your 25th and 50th anniversary. Your grandkids and great grandkids will get a kick out of it. I promise. Lot's of photoshop involved in the poster and it takes a lot of time, so I charge $500.00 for them. But, if you've got an idea for a great poster, let me know as sometimes I'll discount for something I really want to shoot. Poster comes framed 20x30 size. Billy :)