I love Topsail Island. Great place for a vacation and a family portrait session. I charge a flat $250.00 for the session, prefer to shoot about 45 minutes before sunset and the session is about an hour long depending on the size of the family. This is just a general guideline, as every family is different and we customize to the individual client. After our time together, I go back to the studio edit the photos for color balance, contrast, exposure, straighten horizon lines (if needed) and generally tweak the images. I then put them on an online gallery with a private password so that you can download the pictures directly to your computer/tablet/phone. A release letter is included so that you can have prints made at the processor of your choice, or you can take advantage of my online wholesale pricing. A great deal all around. No travel fee, no additional fees for large families and I take cash, credit card or check. I always try to schedule two dates so that if the weather is bad we have an additional time to get your photos done while on vacation. If you're interested and want to book, please fill out the booking form and I'll be in touch. Or give me a call at (910) 386-9974.  Billy :)

     Session Flow: You can wear whatever you want. Some families go for the white and blue jean or khaki look. Some mix it up and wear whatever they want, I've even had some families use different colored shirts to designate what branch of the family they come from. What to avoid is loud patterned clothing like hawaiian shirts. Generally I get the large group shot first, then break it down into smaller family units and end up with candids of the kids. Sometimes I'll do a last big group shot when the light is soft and we end our time together. To see some more family shots go to the Family Beach Portrait Page.


Family at Topsail. Love the reflections on the water.


Large family at Topsail Island. Billy Beach Photography.


Rainbow during session on Topsail Island. Billy Beach Photography.


Group Kiss. Got all the married folks during the session for a kiss shot. Fun session. Billy Beach Photography.


Mom and two boys walking on the beach with rainbow in background. Topsail Island. Billy Beach Photography.