This is where some photographers tell you how important it is that you hire an expensive photographer, how much your pictures will mean to you over time blah, blah, blah. I've got a different take on the whole investment thing. Hire me, and take the money you save from hiring...ahem, a more traditional (expensive) photographer and really invest it. So let's say you save $2000 hiring a guy like me. You put it in an investment of some sort at about 7%, and add about $200 a month to it. On your 50th anniversary you'll have $1,065,503.84. Now that's an investment. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.  Take your kids, your grandkids and maybe your great grandkids on a round the world tour on your 50th.    Billy :)


"Idiots Guide to the Perfect Wedding". We did this shot as a goof after the wedding. We went to the Brides house to take pictures of their dogs and I saw it laying on the coffee table. Asked them if we could do a picture. Good for a laugh....Billy Beach Photography. Wilmington, NC.