Weddings on Film

Do you like the look of film? Film offers you an authentic, organic look and feel that digital does not quite capture. We have available everything from large format to 35mm cameras to capture your wedding day on film. We'll also do some instant polaroid type capture. We offer this at the same great price plus the cost of the film. The processing is on us as we own the areas only full service film lab. If your interested in the lab go to I also have a full service studio and classroom right next to the lab.

STERNER_0190a (2).JPG

Shot on film. Kodak Portra 400.


Shot on film. Kodak Color plus 200.  AKA poor man's Portra. :)


Shot on film. First Kiss. Shot on Kodak Color Plus 200.


Bouquet overlooking beach.  Shot on Kodak Color Plus 200.


Just married. Shot on film. Kodak Color Plus 200. It's got an old school feel to it.


Candid shot of Bride and Groom. Shot on film. Kodak Color Plus 200.


Kiss on the beach with ocean in the background. Shot on film. Kodak Color Plus 200.


Happily ever after. Shot on film at rental beach house where wedding was conducted. Kodak Color plus 200.