natural light photography

Natural Light Photographers.

      I have to admit, I cringe every time I see a wedding or portrait photographer advertise that they are a "natural light photographer. " It's as if they have transcended every other photographer and they don't need to use artificial light, they are purer and more attuned to the natural world, but what I'm really thinking, is that they don't know how to use flash. I get it, if you're shooting natural light, you can lighten your kit, not having any big bulky speed-lights or mono-lights to contend with, no softboxes, no assistants, just you, a camera and a couple of lenses. But, are you really giving the client what they think they're paying for? C'mon you can do a lot with even an on-camera mounted flash. If the conditions are right...natural light, if not flash goes a long way to making an image pop.

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