Bridal Veils

To veil or not to veil.

A super short post about veils. About 30% of the weddings I photograph brides opt to wear a veil. In a problem, on the beach...not always good. Bridal veils come in different styles. According to my admittedly shallow research, veils started in ancient Greece and Rome as a way to guard against evil spirits. Also in arranged marriages it prevented the groom from seeing his bride before the ceremony. As religion started to enter weddings the veil became a symbol of modesty and eventually style.

As I market to the beach wedding brides I have some thoughts on veils. Although beach weddings are beautiful, most days at the beach are accompanied by a breeze. Long veils absolutely don't work except in the calmest of days but you might get away with a short veil. Veils are expensive and I've had countless brides remove the veil within 5 minutes of hitting the beach.


Gusty Wind

Wind was blowing in the wrong direction. Shortly after this shot, the bride removed the veil. Ceremony was short, in hind site she should have switched places with the groom.

While I'm on the subject of the wind, hair is another consideration. Doing photos at the beach we're frequently at the mercy of the wind. When we take pictures we want the ocean and beach in the photos, not the trash cans or the condos in the background. Short hair, no problem, long hair...sometimes a problem. With long hair we have to go with the direction of the wind. When beach brides (and anyone who will be in the group pictures) have their hair long and it's moderately windy it can make it twice as long to get pictures and not always successfully. Normally I'll shoot with the background that's best and then have to turn the group to photograph with the direction of the wind regardless of background. Results are not always optimal. 


Windy Day

Barely keeping the veil under control. Bride removed veil shortly after this shot. We got some nice dramatic images.

Quick Recap: If your getting married on the beach, please think about your veil and your hair. The beach can be quite breezy and the wrong veil can screw up all your other preparations. Nothing worse than reciting your vows and no one can see your face because a veil is blowing. After the ceremony we usually do some family/group photography. Nothing worse than 9 people in a group looking fantastic and one person has hair blowing in their face. The little details matter. If you ever have any questions give me a shout....Billy ;)