Beach Weddings...Check the Tides

So you're getting married and opted for a beach wedding. Great! As I've stated many times before, beach weddings can be as simple or elegant as you want. From board shorts and Hawaiian shirts with a Ukulele player to tuxedos and an orchestra in the background. But you have to check the tides. Tides in NC are semidiurnal. You have two high tides and two low tides within every 24 hours and fifty minutes. If you opt to have your beach wedding at high tide you might get something like this...

MERLO 0220.jpg

High Tide at the beach. The original plan was to have the chairs facing the ocean. Ended up getting married on a narrow strip.

Best tide predicting website I've found is this one. You can check tides for years in advance. You don't have to be exactly at low tide, but since the tides change approximately every six hours you want to be at low tide or a couple  hours before high tide. It depends on the beach. There are some stretches of beach that are wide enough not to have that much effect. The tides will still come in but the beach is wide. If you want some advice, give me a call anytime and I'll be glad to help. I know the beaches and tides very well in the area and can steer you to the right place for your wedding.


This is ideal. Low tide with lot's of room on the beach.