A Small Intimate Wedding on Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Over the weekend I had a wonderful small wedding on Wrightsville Beach, NC. The plan was a good one, get married on the beach in February when the beach isn't crowded, might be a little cold, but at least they'd have the beach to themselves. Unfortunately, it didn't quite turn out that way.


Bride and Groom walking to the deck for their wedding ceremony. Wrightsville Beach, NC. Billy Beach Photography.



Reciting the vows. Wrightsville Beach, NC

     It was 70 degrees and everyone thought it would be a great day for the beach, and we had crowds. July crowds. Wall to wall people. So, the couple and their families  decided to have the wedding on the deck of the rental house. Total people in attendance were eight along with myself and my sometimes photo partner, who shot some film just for the fun of it. After the ceremony, we went inside to partake of a couple of traditions and then went back out to the deck to do some pictures. By this time the beach had cleared a little, and we went down towards the water to do some family and romantic shots. A great little wedding and it goes to show you that married is married and you don't have to spend a fortune on a wedding. The couple is planning an Alaskan honeymoon sometime in the future.



Wedding Ceremony took place on the deck over looking Wrightsville, Beach, NC.



Best man reading some scripture during the ceremony.



An emotional moment during the ceremony at Wrightsville Beach, NC.


First Kiss

Couple sharing their first kiss as man and wife. Wrightsville Beach, NC.


Second Kiss

After the ceremony, couple went indoors to shard another kiss. Wrightsville Beach, NC.



Couple partakes in Russian tradition of biting bread. Whoever takes the biggest bite will have the upper hand in the marriage the tradition goes. Who needs cake? Wrightsville Beach, NC.


Candid shot of aftermath of bread biting. Shot on Film. Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Group Kiss. All the married people share a kiss on the beach. Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Group Kiss. All the married people share a kiss on the beach. Wrightsville Beach, NC.


A walk on the beach, sharing a romantic moment. Wrightsville Beach, NC. Billy Beach Photography.