PROPOSAL. She said "Yes!"

Last night I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding proposal. A little backstory. I was photographing a wedding a couple of years ago and I had the opportunity to speak to a young couple. I asked them how long they had been dating and they told me a year or so. I jokingly told the guy that if he ever proposed to his girlfriend to give me a call and I'd photograph it. I gave him my card. Well, about two weeks ago he called me and said he was ready to "pop the question" and would I capture it for him. Sure! So a lot of planning, reconning of the area, checking the weather, and getting the timing right, he decided to propose in downtown Wilmington, NC at about sunset. Sunset was right about 6:00 and I got in position at about 5:30 in case they were a little early. We were texting each other when we could, as we couldn't let her know something big was coming. It was warm with heavy clouds so we didn't get a sunset, but it didn't' matter as "she said yes!" People in the background started applauding and cheering as they realized what was happening. Afterwards, we took a couple of shots along the Wilmington Riverwalk as they had dinner reservations and we didn't have a lot of time. Now all they have to do is pick a date and plan the wedding. Great couple, they're going to do well!


The Ring.

He pulls the ring out on the Riverwalk in Wilmington, NC. 



The moment he dropped to his knee. She knows what's coming.



Placing the ring on her finger. Wilmington, NC Riverwalk.



A kiss. Wilmington, NC Riverwalk.



Happiness. Wilmington, NC Riverwalk. Love the expressions of the onlookers in the background.



Shear joy, as they realized that a wedding was in their future. 



Posing for a picture on the Wilmington, NC Riverwalk with the Battleship NC in the far background. B&W photo.



Posing for a photo in front of Riverboat Landing restaurant in downtown Wilmington, NC.



Posing for a photo on the Cape Fear River with the Memorial Bridge in the background. Wilmington, NC. 



Posing with the ring. Cape Fear Memorial Bridge in the background. Wilmington, NC.