Faux Photo Booth picture. Bride dumped a really cool bunch of stuff on the floor at her reception. I took hundreds of pictures of her friends and family being silly. Great reception. Wilmington, NC weddings.

Yes! We offer a photo booth! Want to jazz up your wedding with a photo booth? I have several options. First off, you're going to have to decide what your budget is. We have an open photo booth with a camera operator along with all the silly sunglasses, boa's, goofy hats, fake mustaches etc. I charge $800.00 for everything. You’re guests will receive prints onsite in a 4x6 size. I’ll also add the images to your wedding gallery so you’ll have copies of everything we shoot. I only offer the Photo Booth to weddings we’re shooting. 


     Another option is my Faux Photo Booth. Much cheaper and a lot of fun. Basically you provide all the silly props. You can get them on Amazon for about $25.00. When your reception really get's going, and the DJ in doing his thing, take a big cardboard box and dump all the props on the floor, you’re guests will immediately grab them, put them on and we’ll be there to take pictures. I think it’s just as good as a photo booth, with the difference that they won’t get pictures that night, but they will be on your wedding gallery delivered with the rest of your pictures. Here is an old blog post on this idea. 


More silly pics from the faux photo booth. Wilmington, NC weddings.


Silly father/daughter dance. Had a blast! Wilmington, NC weddings.


Crazy people at a wedding. Silly hats. Wilmington, NC weddings.