A Pleasure Island Beach. Pleasure Island comprises Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, and Fort Fisher. It's a marketing idea to tie the three communities together as they are very close to one another. 

Fort Fisher is a fantastic locale for a wedding. You have the Ocean Side and the Cape Fear River Side, two distinct looks for a wedding. We also can use the live oak grove  directly across from the Fort Fisher Museum and two small gazebo's to the North and South of the seawall. All these locations require permits so don't just try to sneak in and out. Prices are reasonable to rent the space and it's pretty much no hassle. The beach is wide so tides are not that big a concern, but check them just the same as you will lose some beach during high tide. House rentals units are available or if you or someone you know is military or retired military you can rent out beach houses at the Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Center, at unbelievable prices. They also have a venue within the recreation center that could be used for a reception. Another option is the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher, you can either get married in the aquarium or (my preferred way), get married on the beach and use the aquarium for your reception. If you have any questions about a Ft. Fisher wedding, give me a shout as I've photographed there many times and am very familiar with the area.


Beach setup on Fort Fisher, NC. Ocean in the background. Billy Beach Photography. Set up by Beachside Occasions, best in the area!


Ceremony in progress at Fort Fisher, NC Bride and groom at alter while officiant conducts ceremony under a bamboo arbor, ocean in the background. Billy Beach Photography.


Bride being walked across the sand on the way to her wedding ceremony at Fort Fisher, NC. Bride holding large bouquet. Billy Beach Photography.


Fort Fisher, NC beach ceremony in progress. Bride and groom under bamboo arbor and ocean in the background. Billy Beach Photography. 


Bride and groom walking up the aisle after being pronounced "husband and wife", on Fort Fisher, NC. Ocean in the background, bride holding large bouquet of flowers. Billy Beach Photography.


Bride and groom walking on the beach stop for a quick kiss on Fort Fisher Beach, NC. Ocean in background with seagulls. Billy Beach Photography.


Bride and groom walking on beach at Fort Fisher, NC. Groom holding bride's bouquet. Ocean and seawall in the background. Both are smiling. Billy Beach Photography.